Wheelchair drawing

Managing carers in a home setting

I run a team of about 5 carers at home, paid by direct payment (ie local authority payments), but employed, trained  and managed by me,  who do shifts around my son's care. He is 27 and has severe physical disabilities and mild learning disability. 

I have the idea of creating a website which would be a place that myself, my son and his team of carers at home could all liaise.

The site would contain information from me - the care guide, health and safety guidelines, job description etc but also ongoing info that currently takes the form of notes on the kitchen table - instructions for new shoes or a new radio or medication or a broken  shower etc.

As well as these different types of information, it would act as a forum for communication between people - what was the new open mike group like, or the social club for people with disabilities, the disco or the farm... how do people manage when my son is approached by overly attentive people in the streets of Oxford, or what has been found in the way of accessible music venues in town... there are so many areas that come to mind.

I'd like to set this up but I don't personally feel that I have enough tech know how - or the mental energy or time to do it. Yet Alison's workshop on Drupal has inspired me and  shown me that it could be done - I think I need help!