Our Values

FAS has always placed community outreach and engagement at the centre of its identity. From cataloguing the collection or accessing information about the many different issues represented in the archive, from women’s health to culture and the arts, FAS is a charity that aims to empower women and non-binary people through learning about archives and women’s herstories. 

Hatpins to Hashtags Project Aims:

· To celebrate the historical legacy of suffrage and the Women’s Liberation Movement and bring untold feminist narratives to light.

· To expand knowledge of UK democracy and contribute to greater gender equality in local and national politics through an exploration of the lessons learnt from the Women’s Liberation Movement.

· To engage groups underrepresented in politics and civic life, particularly those who have been marginalised because of gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, socio-economic background, rural isolation, caring responsibilities or disability.

· To provide engaging educational opportunities for young people to learn about the diverse histories of feminist activism as it links to contemporary debates about gender equality in their lives. 

· To support women and non-binary people to create digital content addressing political and civic issues in their communities and to cascade their learning to others. 

· To increase the accessibility of the archive and make over a thousand wonderful posters available online through a digital participatory catalogue.