Sociology: Gender roles, stereotypes & socialisation

A level Students at Weston College
Wednesday 10 October 2018

Upper Church Road
BS23 2AL
United Kingdom

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Sociology: Gender roles, stereotypes and socialisation

  • How has feminism challenged gender roles, stereotypes and binary gendered socialisation?
  • What was the role of activism and counter-cultural media in campaigning for equal opportunities?
  • What is the future of equality for all genders? 

Taking place within the Feminist Archive’s exhibition of 60 striking posters from the Women’s Liberation Movement at Weston College, this A Level Sociology workshop is a rare opportunity to explore these questions through creative research. 

The exhibition provides vivid insights into a number of key areas in the study of Sociology and sets the stage for an interactive workshop where students are encouraged to think critically around the concepts of gender and socialisation. 


  • Kick start your personal statement or CV with experience from a Government Equalities Office and University of Bristol project. 
  • Boost your essays with original archival research into A Level Sociology topics. 
  • Display your work in the Feminist Archive’s touring exhibition Politics and Protest at Weston College. 
  • Write a blog on a related topic and get it published on the Feminist Archive project website. 

Developed and facilitated in collaboration with T.I.G.E.R, this interactive and creative workshop for A Level students will:

  • Explore how the WLM challenged patriarchal gender roles, stereotypes and the socialisation of girls and women, focusing on the demand for equal education and job opportunities

  • Enrich the study of feminism in Sociology through archival research

  • Encourage students to think critically about how they experience gender inequality now and how they think restrictive gender roles and stereotypes should be challenged?

  • Encourage students to creatively respond to what they have learnt and make their voices heard through DIY activities and blogging which will be added to the exhibition and website.


Places are on a first come basis- sign up with your Sociology teacher.  

Event leader
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Ellie O'Connell

Ellie O’Connell is a feminist teacher, activist and Education Co-ordinator for the Hatpins to Hashtags project. In partnership with T.I.G.E.R. (Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect), she is responsible for researching and planning the Hatpins to Hashtags workshop series as well as building connections with schools, colleges and youth groups. 

Ellie is a fully qualified Modern Languages teacher specialised in teaching the 16-19 age range and has worked with young people to explore intersectional feminisms in multicultural educational contexts.

Ellie is also studying an MA in Comparative Literatures and Cultures at the University of Bristol. She began the Translating Latin American Feminisms project which brings together translators of all levels, academics and activists to collectively research, translate and digitise the unexplored narratives of intersectional feminist activism within the archive.

She loves riot grrrl music, making things, cycling and gardening. She juggles all of this with long term health problems and would be very happy to discuss all things accessibility :)