Just Women magazine

Taking on the media….and doing it ourselves

Tuesday 6th November 7.00pm

Memorial Hall
Paul Street
United Kingdom


Taking on the media….and doing it ourselves

An evening of speakers and  discussion giving an opportunity to reflect on feminism’s achievements in speaking out and the future  online.

Explore and celebrate how women have taken on the media from hard copy (posters, magazines, newsletters) through to the digital world of hashtags and online spaces. Consider where we stand now and what is to be done. 

Hear, from the activists involved, about Somerset’s pioneering Just Women Magazine, published successfully by local women from 1987 to '97. Celebrate its success and welcome the  new issue coming out this year to mark the centenary of votes for women. 

Then Sian Norris, freelance journalist, writer and twitter supremo with over a decade of experience disseminating feminist thought and calls for action on line, will speak about her experience and offer constructive thoughts about feminism in the digital age.  Sian is also Ben Pimlott writer in residence at Birkbeck University and the founder and director of the Women’s Festival of Literature in Bristol.


Event leader
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Sue Tate

Sue Tate is a Trustee of the Feminist Archive South and strand co-ordinator for the Hatpins to Hashtags exhibition "Politics and Protest: Poster from the Women's Liberation Movement."

Sue is a freelance art historian and Research Fellow at the University of the West of England. Her interest is in women artists - their contributions and how, once included, they change the story of art.  Recently she has worked on women in Pop Art with a case study of Pauline Boty, British Pop artist.