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Bryony is an artist, curator and educator and is Project Administrator for Hatpins to Hashtags. 

Situated between writing, performance, video and exhibition making, Bryony's practice draws on the notion of ‘constant revision’ — states of being in which structures or ideas can be subverted, dissolved or questioned.

Often focusing on investigating marginalized Herstories and practices, her work reflects upon events, approaches and ideas that refuse to be pinned down or categorized. Through a process of both uncovering and layering influences, histories and conversations, her work attempts to create a space for genealogies of Feminist practice that are allusive, messy and entangled in contemporary concerns.

Bryony has an MFA from the Dutch Art Institute, School for Art Praxis and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including a group exhibition in 2018 exploring the writings of Virginia Woolf at Tate St.Ives, Pallant House (Chichester) and the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge).

She has also worked in the arts as a curator and producer for the last 10 years, working with institutions including Arnolfini, Plymouth Art Centre and Newlyn Art Gallery. As an educator Bryony works with young people and adults in a range of formal and informal learning environments, including peer-led workshops such as EBC Night School, as a visiting lecturer for at universities and colleges including Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth University, Croydon College and the University of the West of England and facilitating workshops in secondary schools in the Bristol area.